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Chicken Anyone?

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• Tens of thousands of super-sized 'Frankenstein' birds are crammed in vast warehouses.
• The chickens, which weigh up to 9lb, often buckle under their weight and must live without natural sunlight.
• Chickens frequently die before they reach maturity and many are left covered in their own faeces, turning warehouses into vile breeding grounds for disease.

US chickens have more than tripled in size since 1957, according to academic studies. The birds cost 20 per cent less than British chickens, which are typically one third smaller than US birds. Major poultry producers have cross-bred and interbred birds in recent decades to create 'mutant' chickens which grow larger in a shorter space of time and need less feed.

Peter Stevenson, chief policy adviser for British-based welfare organization Compassion in World Farming, said: 'This genetic engineering has created unnatural chickens which give you larger breasts or bigger cuts of meat. 'These chickens grow far too large too quickly and they cannot move around. They end up sitting in their own waste.'

The animals bring more fecal matter to the slaughterhouse with them, posing the food safety risk which requires the birds to be washed in chlorine or similar chemicals.

However, the US poultry industry maintains that its birds are healthier than ever. Campaigners who have infiltrated chicken farms in the past two years have secretly filmed shocking abuse and cruel conditions at farms across America.

'They spend 95 per cent of their time sitting on the litter, a mixture of pine shavings and faecal matter from that flock and prior flocks.'

He said 1,000 of the 30,000 chickens he raised every six weeks would die before they reached maturity. Many become infected on the underside of their chest because of contact with the litter.

He added: 'Their flesh would rot and, when you have them crammed in so tight, they will walk over other birds if they want to get to the food or scratch the others and cause a wound. It is awful.'

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